FHBI Advanced Purge Tool Help

Understanding how to use the Advanced Purge Tool

F.H. Black & Company Incorporated has released the first public version of the FHBI Advanced Purge Tool.

In order to use this tool, you must be using Working Papers 2015 or later. By using this tool you acknowledge that you have taken a backup and are able to restore from it, and that any changes made by the tool may not be suitable for your specific purposes.

If you have any questions or concerns about the tool, please register as a user here on our support site and submit a ticket.

Help File

This tool will facilitate the purging of map numbers or group numbers that are currently not in use. Its primary logic is to check each map number to see if accounts have been allocated into it or if any current-year adjusting entries exist affecting it, and delete all those which have none.

In addition to this basic feature, there are several options that will modify the behaviour of the tool and allow you to save certain map/group numbers from deletion.

Those options are:

Choose which grouping mechanism to purge

This tool can be used against mapping or any of the 10 other groupings in a Working Papers file. Select the one you wish to purge.

Choose the balance type to check for balances

It is also possible for the file to have important balances in those map numbers in spite of having no accounts or adjusting entries. The tool will check the current, prior and two years prior balances of the type you specify looking for balances. The tool also checks the Budget Consolidated and Forecast Consolidated balances for each of those three years.

You can also choose to include Other Basis Adjusting Entries in the balance to be checked.

Keep calculated map/group numbers.

Calculated map/group numbers will be checked for balances using the type specified above, and deleted if no non-zero balances are encountered.  By clicking the checkbox next to this option, the tool will never delete any calculated map/group number.

Keep base map numbers

By default the tool will check and possibly delete every map/group number in the file. You may want to keep some of the "root" or "parent" numbers in every case even if they have no balance.  For example, you may never want to delete the map number 111, even if it has no accounts and balances, but any subsidiary map number such as 111.100 is fair game for deletion.

You can use this option to tell the tool to never delete a map/group number of a certain length. Type in the number of preliminary digits defines your "base". NOTE that this option is only available when a mask has been defined for the map/group number.

When you have made your selections, click the "Perform Purge" button at the bottom of the document. A progress status dialog box will show you the processing of the map numbers. At the completion of the process, the tool will inform you of the number of map/group numbers deleted, save a milestone, and close.  You can come back after to review the milestones of past deletions.

If you see any error message or have questions, please contact FHBI technical support at cwsupport@fhblackinc.com. Please provide as much detail as possible in your email.