How do I repackage my Working Papers template?

Instructions on how to repackage your Caseware Working Papers template

Users may have many different templates installed on their computer.  One of the most common ones is the Caseware International Financials template.  This template comes in a number of different versions based on different accounting standards (IFRS, ASPE, US GAAP, US GASB, etc).  The process outlined in this article is applicable to all of them.

The repackage process results in a CWP file which is an installable package you can distribute to other users. It is also the best "backup" for your template.

Taking repackages of your templates is extremely important if you modify the content in the template.  In the Financials template, this most often takes the form of customized content in the knowledge library. You should repackage your template before doing work in your knowledge library, and again once you are complete. You must ensure that the CWP file created by this process is moved somewhere safe, which receives periodic backups from your I.T. department.

To take a repackage of your template:

1. Open Caseware Working papers id8Ux5aDzChGs2JEwXhNJZEywDKK4V6h

2. Click the Templates menu item on the right.  This will open the "Template" dialog box.


3. Click on the template you want to repackage.  For this article, I am repackaging the FinancialsCAD template.

4. Click on the Repackage button at the bottom left of the dialog box. This will open the Template Packager Wizard.

5. Click on the Next button on the Template Packager Wizard Welcome page. This will open the Global Options page.

6. Click on the Browse button of the Create Template Package dialog box. This will open the Save Template Package As dialog box.

7. Select a location and file name for your CWP file. Click the Save button.

8. Check, and double check that the "Allow this Template to be Repackaged" option is selected on this screen before proceeding.

9. Click the Finish button.

10. Wait for the Progress bars to finish and the successful completion of the repackage.


10. Click the Close button

11. VERY IMPORTANT! If you created your CWP on your local computer, you should immediately copy the file onto a network drive which is part of your I.T. department's disaster recovery plan!