How to create a signed out copy of your Working Papers file

Instructions on how to create a signed out copy of Caseware Working Papers

To create a signed out copy of a Working Papers file located on a shared network drive:

1. Open the network copy of the Working Papers data file.

2. On the Engagement menu, select the "Sign Out..." menu item.  This will open the "Sign Out Engagement Wizard" dialog box.


3. If you do not want to file to be signed out to the default location, click the "Change ..." button and select your desired sign out location.

4. Review the checkbox titled "Compress the central copy after sign out". Select or deselect that checkbox to compress or not compress the network copy of the file as you prefer.

5. Click the "Sign Out" button.

After some progress bars complete, you will be in your newly signed out locaol copy of your file. It will look exactly the same as before, but there will be a new notification in the title bar of your Working Papers file saying [Signed Out Master].


IMPORTANT: This file is now located on your local machine, and is not being backed up by your IT department. Any work that you do is only performed on your local copy and not replicated in the central server copy. You must "Sign in" your file to copy any work that you do on to the server.

Also, remember that if you or a colleague opens the copy of the file on the central server, it will be in "read-only" mode, and will not include any of the work that you have done in your signed out copy. The title bar will include the flag [Central Copy].


When you are finished working on the file locally, or at the end of the day, you need to sign in your file to move your work back on to the network. To do this:

1. Open the signed out file, and confirm you see the title bar notification of [Signed Out Master].

2. On the Engagement menu, select the "Sign in..." menu item. This will open the "Sign In Engagement Wizard" dialog box.


3. Review the checkbox labelled "Keep the file signed out". You can select or not select that checkbox based on your need to keep the file signed out and perform additional work locally.

4. Review the checkbox labelled "Close and compress the engagement after sign-in". You can select or deselect that checkbox based on your desire to close, or continue work in the file.

5. Click the "Sign In" button.